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It's never too late to start doing sport.

Even though not everyone can become a superstar or make a career from sport, practicing a sport will help you to stay healthy, develop a great looking body, lower the risk of heart disease, improve your muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and release you from stress.

There are thousands of sports out there and new sports are developed every day by changing the rules of the existing sports, or by adding features specific to some regions.

Do you think you are too out of shape or too old to start doing a sport? Don't worry, not all sports require you to have the qualities of an athlete.

Some sports require physical strength, speed, and endurance, while others require more intelligence and quick thinking.

In case you haven't found your passion for a specific sport yet, we have created this quiz to help you discover which sport you are made for.

Let us know the result in the comments section and tell us if you think the sport we found for you suits you.


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