10 of the World’s Smartest Animals

The skillfully built nest of a bird often makes us wonder how talented can a tiny bird be. Be it the way that animals communicate or the way they hunt, their intellect always surprises us.

Animals have always been a subject of great interest among researchers and their studies never ceases to amaze.

World’s Smartest Animals

While all animals are talented in a way or the other, some display extraordinary abilities that stand out.
Here is a list of 10 of the world’s smartest animals:


1. Chimpanzees

It’s a known fact that humans and chimpanzees had common evolutionary ancestors and that our DNA’s are quite similar.

But did you know that our closest living relative is impressively intelligent and is probably the world’s smartest animal? 

They have even outperformed humans in certain memory tasks by showcasing their remarkable cognitive abilities. 

Chimpanzees are known to use tools for ages for scooping honey out of hives, for extracting termites and for self-defense. 

Whether it is cracking nuts with stones or using leaves as spoons for drinking water, their problem-solving skills are absolutely phenomenal.