10 of the World’s Smartest Animals

Ravens & Crows

2. Ravens & Crows

We have always heard that learning from own and other’s mistakes is a sign of ultimate smartness. This is one of the most fascinating qualities possessed by the Ravens, an exceptionally intelligent bird. 

The feathered geniuses demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills and can communicate using “beak” gestures besides mimicking numerous voices. 

From making their own toys from twigs to collecting shiny metal pieces to impress fellow Ravens, these birds are as playful as they are smart.

They adopt clever techniques to feed themselves like remembering and stealing hidden food from other bird’s cache. 

They even call wolves to carcass sites by imitating their voices and then feed on the scraps that they leave behind. Further, in a bid to protect their own food, they pretend to hide it somewhere else to mislead the beholders.