Can You Guess The Movie Name From A Quote? - Trivia Quiz

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Warning: This quiz is for real movie enthusiasts only. Answer the following questions to see if you qualify.

  • Are you someone who cannot live without movies?
  • Do you watch your favorite movies countless times?
  • Do you think you can guess the name of the movie based on a famous quote?

If you've answered with YES to all the questions, then you might be just the right person to take this quiz.

It is said that life beats the film, but there are movies that make us dream with open eyes and quotes that leave us speechless and which instantly remain in our minds.

Movies often influence our vision about life and the way we think, and many times movie quotes become involuntarily part of our daily vocabulary.

Regardless if you are a movie addict or someone who only watches movies from time to time, I'm sure you can remember at least a quote from a pellicle you have watched.

Some persons easily memorize movie quotes about love, while others retain easier funny quotes or quotes about life lessons. 

If you are a movie eater, this movie quote quiz should be a piece of cake for you.

The rules are simple.

There are a number of questions about famous movie quotes.

You need to guess the name of the movie a particular quote belongs to. Take your time, there is no time limit.

Once you've answered all the questions all the correct answers will be displayed and you can see your final score.

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