Can You Name These 90s Movies From A Quote? - Trivia Quiz

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Without a doubt, the 90s produced some of the most memorable movies, with some of the most popular quotes. 

Many of these lines have survived in our vocabulary and many use them without even knowing their origin.

Are you someone who thinks has seen all the movies from this cool era of cinematography? 

If so, can you guess the name of all these 90s movies based only on a famous quote?

Let's try out!

No one will judge you if you can't identify all of them. Even if you guess only about 50% of them, that's still impressive.

We have gathered a number of popular 90s movie quotes. Each question has four choices and only one is correct.

Some are more popular than others while others are not that well-known and harder to guess.

Take all the time you need since there is no time limit.

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